Knowing the city of Salinas

Salinas del Ecuador

In the peninsula of Santa Elena on the Ecuadorian coast is Salinas, a city privileged by its geographical position in the Pacific Ocean.

It is the most important spa in Ecuador and the main tourist destination on holidays and holiday.

It has a modern hotel infrastructure throughout the city and mainly facing the sea with buildings of ten to twelve floors and a few twenty floors.

There are all prices and for all tastes, the main offer additional services such as swimming pool, gym and parking.

Those hotels that remain on the Malecon of the beach of San Lorenzo are the most recommended for those who like the atmosphere of party but if you want to rest it is advisable to get away a little.

You can also find apartments with all the facilities to rent them by season.

The gastronomic offer is also varied, you can find a restaurant, ceviche or coffee every 50 or 100 meters in the main avenues.

City services

The area of La Picot is farthest from the city and has viewpoints and trails ideal for walking or cycling.

The main banks of Ecuador have branch or agency in this city, on the Malecon Avenue there are agencies of Banco Pichincha and Banco de Guayaquil.

At the entrance to the canton of Avenida Carlos Espinoza is a shopping center that offers various amenities such as shopping and shopping islands, food court, cinema and games for children.

In the Avenida Malecón and José Luis Tamayo in the Central Park is the church La Merced main Catholic religious center of the city.

Next to the church is the handicrafts park and clothing sales.

In case you want to prepare your own food you can visit the municipal market that is very well cared for and has a wide range of seafood and fresh marine products, plus vegetables and other items like canned.

The main parks and beaches of Salinas offer free Internet service.

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