La Lobería

La Lobería

It is a resting place for the sea lions that is part of the coastal Marine Fauna Production reserve of the Picota de Santa Elena.

They are mostly males that migrated from the south to a size and weight that allows them to challenge other males who have their colony or harem on the coasts of Chile or Peru.

The Lobería in Salinas for being inside a military base preserves a natural appearance only interrupted by a pier with a hut on the cliff.

The color of the sea is light green and brings with it the sea breeze that predisposes the tourist to relax and enjoy losing their gaze on the horizon.

The heavy blow of the sea against the rocks and the waves that become swells prevent people from swimming.

Only a few professional surfers interrupt the tranquil and rugged landscape at the same time.

Those more inclined to other sports can go hiking or biking on perfectly signposted routes.

The entrance to the reserve has no cost and must be made by the Naval Base, military fort or air Base. It is open from 06:00 to 19:00


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