Mirador Cerro El Morro

Mirador Cerro El Morro

Another tourist attraction that can not be missed when visiting Salinas is the Mirador Cerro El Morro located in the Picot of Santa Elena.

Morro means small, rounded mountain or rock.

This place has a view of 360 º to observe the sea, the beach and other viewpoints nearby, also is reached to see the city of Salinas.

It has a water and marine life Information Centre with beautiful photographs and landscapes of the local flora and fauna.

The climate of the place is warm like the rest of the canton with the presence of a vegetation adapted to the dry climate prevailing the thicket and the cactus.

Following one of the signposted trails can be reached on foot to the Chocolate maker in approximately 35 minutes which is at a distance of 1700 meters.

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