Puntilla Santa Elena Reserve

Reserva Puntilla Santa Elena

To the West is the most extreme point of Ecuador, it is located in the province of Santa Elena, Salinas Canton.

The protected area in which there are whales, dolphins, sea lions, pelicans,, iguanas and more than 80 species of plants adapted to the arid areas of the coast has an extension of 52,231 marine hectares and 203 hectares of land.

It extends along the coastal edge from the Chocolate maker by the FAE Beach, Mar Bravo Beach, La Lobería, Punta Carnero, La Diablica, to Punta Ancon.

More than the beach and marine area, the reserve includes cliffs, islets, dry forests, viewpoints and trails.

What to do in the lace?

Sea Lion
Sea Lion

The main activity that can be realized is the observation of the landscape and the wild life. The photograph is allowed.

In this sector is a spectacle the breaking of the waves with the rocks and the sunsets inspire more than one.

In the Lobería, there is a lookout for sea lions resting on rocks, eating, swimming and fighting among them.

Another very popular species of the area is the sea turtle that comes to nest from the month of July on the beaches of Mar Bravo, Punta Brava and Tres Cruces.

It can be spotted with a little luck up to 36 types of seabirds such as, frigates, black and plovers.

Once in Salinas it is preferable to go by car because the viewpoints are far away from each other. It is recommended to visit at least the Lobería, the Chocolate, and the Mirador El Morro.

The access to the viewpoints of the Chocolate and the Lobería are open from 06:00 to 19:00, these points are within the Naval Base therefore their income must be made by the Naval Base, military fort or air Base.

It is essential to carry the identification card and to comply with the safety rules of the site.

The entrance is free.


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